Wednesday, 19 October 2011


This title is quite a mouthful, but basically that is our beginning travel route.
I even had a hard time fitting it all into one map. If you click the map below it will take you to an interactive map with our travel route.

Only 12 more days until we start our travels with a road trip from Kelowna to Calgary. There we will spend another 2 weeks before we make our way towards Asia. With layovers in Vancouver and Beijing it will be almost 2 days later before be touch ground in Phuket, Thailand.

We will probably stay there for a little bit before going to Krabi (about 2 hour drive from Phuket). While we plan on visiting as many of Thailand's neighboring countries as possible, we plan to make Krabi our home base.


  1. Get down to Pi Pi and hire a boat out for a day trip to a neighbouring island, packing a picnic lunch.

  2. Come and check out Hua Hin ,being here for a year now ! go back to Australia in a week for a month,then back here after Christmas.
    Look me up if you come to Hua Hin

  3. If you intend going South, Kuala Lumpur is an interesting place - great view from the Petronas Towers

  4. If you happen to find yourself in Cambodia, the Angkor Archeological Park near Siem Reap has some amazing temples. And for a very powerful experience, visit the Tuol Sleng/S21 prison and the Choeung Ek/Killing Fields near Phnom Penh. Another 'must-see' is a visit to a floating village. The cambodian people are super friendly and the food is fantastic(try a fruit shake).
    E-mail me and I'll forward you the link to photos of my trip.
    I look forward to reading about your travels and seeing photos! Enjoy your time in Southeast Asia. How long will you be there?