Friday, 2 December 2011

Arrived in Krabi, Thailand

We are here in Thailand for over a week now, nearing two, so it's definitely time for an entry about the place we'd like to call home for the next little while.

Interestingly, in all of our time here we didn't take half as many pictures as in the 3 days in Beijing. I guess, we are "home" in a sense. There will still be lots of picture opportunities.

This is one of the first pictures we took while having breakfast one morning:
A monkey "walking the line".

Krabi Town itself has no beaches but is right at the river that leads to the ocean. A lot of boats go out from here to some of the nicest beaches that can't be reached by any road or to the gorgeous islands around here.

We often enjoy walking along the river taking in the view of karst mountains and mangrove forests on the other side and convincing the boatsmen that we are not planning to go on a boat trip, which they so eagerly offer.

Konrad enjoying a coconut on the pier.

There are many of these karst mountains that you see in the background around here. If you ever watched James Bond "The Man with the Golden Gun" they might be familiar for you.

"James Bond Tours" are offered which will take you to the exact same ones from the movie.

This particular formation they call the "Dog Ears". I took the picture on a walk in the morning. Notice the high water level on the pier and also the mangroves.

This picture was taken not too far away in the evening, right before it started raining pretty good. In the evenings the tide goes down and water level is very low, exposing all kinds of crabs and other critters in the sand.

We are enjoying very good and inexpensive food around here. There are many restaurants, street stalls, and markets to choose from. This is a traditional dish called Pad Thai.

I had it three times at three different locations already, and it is slightly different every time. But every time it is fried noodles with a choice of chicken, shrimp, or sometimes beef, with different greens and sauces.

This is Pad Thai as well, this time from the night market.

Konrad had a fried rice dish that night.

We also enjoy going to the city market often, mainly for the great abundance of fresh fruit. Some are unknown and exotic for us, but so far we have not been disappointed.

There are no pictures of our place yet, because we are still renting a room in a guesthouse.

On our search for a place we are really learning the meaning of "Thai Time". People live a laid back life style which we really enjoy, but are not very used to when it comes to important decisions.

But, Lord willing, sometime next week we should be able to move out of the guesthouse into our own place.

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